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I help communicate your unique story – who you are, and why you do what you do – with a professionally written,  beautifully laid out business profile that helps to build trust quickly, easily and affordably.

story telling is your best marketing

Your story is what makes your customers choose you over your competition

I can help your business build instant trust, and set you apart from your competitors. 

1.  Buyers need discernment tools — a way to tell businesses apart so they can choose wisely.

2.  Businesses need differentiating tools — a way to set themselves apart from their competition.

Your business & brand story provides both.

After reading and learning who you are, and why you do what you do – potential customers will feel as if they know and trust you, making it easy for them to choose you over your competition.

When I first heard what Jim would do, I was skeptical. But he made the entire process so easy. He captured my story and the story of how I help clients and explained my business in a way I just couldn’t. I use it in all my marketing – my website, presentation folders, emails to prospects, blog post, social media, you name it. It is the one piece of marketing I use over and over again and has generated more business than any other single item. I recommend him to any small business trying to build sales.

Ernest Berghof

Real Estate Professional, Berghoff Realty

communicate your “why”

When customers can’t tell businesses apart, they default to price.

Imagine you need a new roof for your home, an assisted living facility for an aging parent, or a good preschool for your child. All these businesses have ads that look pretty much identical. They all promise to do a great job and provide great service.

How do you know who’s best?
How do you choose?
How do you know who you can trust?

Now imagine one of those businesses sends you a beautiful article about them and their business, telling about their vast experience, integrity, philosophy, community ties, family, love of their work, etc.

When you’re done reading their story, you feel as if you know them.

You have a lot more information about who they are, how they choose their employees, and how they conduct their business—you feel trust.

That trust makes it easy to choose them.

An advertisement in a newspaper or magazine is expensive and lasts only for the life of the publication (in a newspaper, that’s just one day!).  You can literally use your business profile for years.

Your story will be professionally designed with full-color photos and graphics to look as if it were lifted from the pages of a magazine

You can use your brand profile to establish trust with clients through:

bids and Proposals


your website

magazines and publications

trade shows 

display in your office/store

share on social media

linkedin and other social profiles

… The options are limitless!!

As a musician, I work hard to stand out from the crowd. I use the profile Jim wrote for me to reach out to new clients. I send it out ahead of meeting them, and they always refer to it when we meet. It’s been one of my most valuable marketing tools because when potential clients read it they feel like they already know me. My profile has helped open a lot of doors, and brought me a lot of gigs. I highly recommend Jim for anyone who is looking for an effective, unique marketing tool. It’ll definitely help you stand out in the eyes of new clients.

Lisa Iskin


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